It is our nature to take care of the depressed by trying to lift their spirits. This can be done via a surprise, a gift, really anything that can allow them to glimpse beyond the sadness that is currently engulfing their life. Often, it is accomplished by the simple gesture of sending flowers to a person.

delivering-flowers-in-murdochVisiting hospitals brings out feelings of dread from within us. Thoughts of isolation, despair, and hopelessness tend to overtake our mind. If this is our view on just visiting a hospital, imagine what the people who actually have to stay there go through. A patient may only suffer from physical injuries when he is brought into the hospital, but just a few weeks of having to stay there can lead to severe depression.

These people do not need much. A small, cost effective gesture of sending flowers can go a long way in brightening their day.

Sending flowers to Murdoch

Sending flowers to loved ones who are in the hospital, as a show of affection, is an age old tradition. It serves to show that we care, that we are there for them. Often, we are unable to manage to make it to the hospital in person which is why we send flowers as a substitute.

However, the tradition of sending flowers to ill people in the hospital isn’t reserved only for loved ones. People have now also started sending flowers to strangers. The strangers are often individuals who have no one to care for them and no one to ask about them. Here in Western Australia, this tradition has increased over the last few years, and it is to the point now that thousands of people are taking part in this activity.

Selecting flowers

Florists carry a variety of arrangements and flowers that are capable of fitting any situation. The arrangements include box arrangements and fresh, beautiful bouquets. Generally, florists tend to have their own websites, and these list the flowers from which you can choose from.

A good idea when selecting flowers to send to a hospital is to select bright flowers. Bright flower colours, such as yellow or red flowers, tend to induce a more positive outlook in the patient. You can also purchase blue flowers, which help to promote a calm, serene environment that can also be beneficial to the patient. You should, however, try to avoid sombre colours such as black, because they tend to signify gloom and death, which may have a detrimental effect on the patient.

If the person you are sending flowers to Murdoch hospital to someone you know, it is a good idea to find out their personal preferences and tastes before embarking on a trip to your local flower shop. Personalized flowers are almost always better than a random ensemble, because they show the person you are giving them to that you are willing to go the extra mile to make them happy.

On the other hand, if the person is a stranger, it’s going to be quite difficult to uncover which flowers they prefer. This is where you must step up to the plate and make a decision on your own. We recommend going with one of the more popular varieties as they generally appeal to a wider number of individuals.

Precautions before sending flowers

Flower delivery in Murdoch HospitalThere are several other precautions which should be taken before selecting flowers for a patient.
First, ask the assigned nurse whether or not the patient you wish to send flowers to is even allowed to have flowers in their hospital room. In some cases, due to allergies or other medical reasons, patients are not allowed to have flowers, and this is something that you should definitely research beforehand.

If you can send flowers, make sure to send low allergenic flowers (sometimes also known as hypo-allergenic flowers). Often, hospital rooms are unable to provide adequate ventilation. This combined with the rooms generally being small and cramped, can aggravate mild allergies that are already present in the patient, and produce undesirable effects.

Avoid arrangements that contain food items of any sort. Most hospital patients are on a strict diet monitored by a doctor, and bringing food in from outside is not allowed.

Meanwhile, also consider the scent of a flower. Some of the flowers can have scents that patients undergoing medical treatments may be sensitive to. Hence, it is imperative that you find out whether the patient is susceptible to the smell or not, before actually sending the flowers.

St John of God Murdoch Hospital

St John of God Murdoch HospitalSt John of God Murdoch Hospital is located in Murdoch, a suburb in Western Australia. It is a faction of St. John of God Healthcare, which is a non-profit organization, bent on staying true to the healing mission of Jesus Christ.

Having been incorporated in 1994, St John of God Murdoch has now become one of Australia’s leading hospitals, providing top notch health services and taking phenomenal care of its patients. It has a 24 hour emergency room, as well as a myriad of clinical and diagnostic services including surgical, medical, paediatric, palliative, maternity, and coronary and critical care. More than 1400 caregivers are present, to ensure the safety and comfort of each of their patients.

St John of God Murdoch even possess an on-site medical clinic, which employs more than 140 consulting specialists while also providing important resources such as physiotherapy, radiology, nuclear medicine, and pathology. In addition to this, the on-site medical clinic also consists of two cafes, and more importantly, a retail pharmacy. Furthermore, it also contains a free-standing centre for surgery, which can accommodate up to 10 surgery patients at a time.

This is not just a hospital that mechanically provides treatment to its customers without letting any endearment seep through; St John of God genuinely cares about its customers and works very hard ensure that their needs as well as their wants are well taken care of.

While the hospital does provide excellent service, with upwards of 390 beds, it is sometimes difficult to provide undivided attention to each patient. This is where volunteers have stepped in to help bring a sense of community and friendship to patients struggling with various illnesses. By investing both their time and money, these volunteers have been able to significantly improve the morale of the patients they care for.

Of course, one way these volunteers have been able to make a difference, however small, is by sending patients flowers. Though it may be hard to believe, this small but meaningful gesture goes a long way in lifting the patient’s spirits.

Maternity Ward

The Maternity Ward of the St. John of God Murdoch Hospital is one of the most popular places to send flowers. Primarily, they are sent to congratulate as well as show their affection to new parents. In fact, Spearwood Florist Murdoch on-line store can send flowers to St John of God Murdoch Hospital; and more specifically, their maternity ward.

New Baby Flower ArrangementThey have special flowers and arrangements reserved for this occasion that the parent’s friends, family and co-workers can purchase to show that they are always present to provide assistance and help out, while simultaneously conveying their love and affection. Furthermore, it is very easy to purchase the arrangements as most, if not all of the activity is carried out on-line, which allows you to buy and send the flowers without any hassle at all, which can be a huge benefit to those who live far away, and are unable to travel to the actual shop to order the flowers.

Send flowers to Murdoch and St John of God Murdoch Hospital

If you are looking to send flowers to St. John of God Murdoch Hospital, whether they are for loved ones or strangers, your first step should be to look for listings of local florists located in Murdoch. One of the most prominent florists in the area is a Murdoch florist on-line store. As a long standing and reliable company, they have been insistent on tailoring their offerings to the needs of their clients. It is this dedication to 100 percent client satisfaction that has made them the leading floral company in Murdoch.

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