rockingham general hospitalBeing in hospital can be a stressful and lonely time. Even if the reason is a happy one such as the birth of a child, it’s still not a place that anybody wants to be. This is why many people choose to present gifts to their loved ones when they are lain up in bed removed from their normal life. The type of gifts that people send definitely vary widely. For example, some people will opt for food gifts such as chocolate hampers or the healthy option of a fruit basket, others will go all out and send balloons and humorous items. However, the safest route is always to send flowers. If you are sending get well flowers to Rockingham Hospital then here are some tips to make sure that your delivery goes off without a hitch.

Planning and Designing

It’s not enough to simply pick a bouquet up from the local garage on the way to the hospital and hope they’ll survive the journey. If you really want to make an impact and show your loved one how much you care about them, then you need to put a bit of effort into it. Deciding to send flowers is the first step, next you can begin considering exactly what you are going to say. The most important thing to remember is to send flowers that suit the person that is receiving them. If you’re loved one is particularly fond of lilies then they will definitely be your best bet. If they don’t have a particular favourite flower but love bright colours and bold prints then pick some bright and engaging blooms. It may take you some time to decide on the perfect flowers for the arrangement, but the look of their face when you present the gift will definitely be worth it.

Make Sure You Get Involved

flower bouquetIf you want a custom designed bouquet then you will definitely need to visit your local Rockingham florist website. However, this doesn’t mean that you can just sit back and let them do all the work. You need to make sure that all decisions made run through you first. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you completely disregard all the advice and suggestions of the florist, they do know what they’re doing after all. However, you need to carve out a fine balance between professional expertise and individual personalisation.

Don’t Choose a Box

Boxes are bad for flowers. You might think that is a convenient way to present your gift, but ultimately it just looks shoddy and could even result in the flowers wilting and dying much faster than you would like. The best choice is to wrap your flowers instead. This will look infinitely more attractive and will keep the flowers look fresh and vibrant. The most traditional and safe way to wrap your flowers is to encase them in a cone shape. The wrapping that you choose is also important, you could go for a plain wrapping or something a little more bold and fun depending on the recipient.

Add Some Personal Touches

baby girl flowersSo you’ve chosen the perfect arrangement and you’ve wrapped them to perfection. You think you’re done? Nope, not quite. All the best gifts come with a card, and floral gifts are no different. A simple gift tag with a personal message will do, but be sure to get across the message of love and care to the recipient. You could also consider adding a few more personal touches to your gift. For example, you might want to add an attractive ribbon tie or a bow to really finish it off.

The Final Delivery

The final part of your lengthy floral gift process is to actually deliver them. However, even at this point there is the opportunity for disaster. Flowers can easily get damaged in transit and so it’s imperative that you are extra careful with them. If you are not quite confident enough to deliver them yourself then consider handing the responsibility over to the florist and let them arrange the delivery for you. This will take all of the worry out of the process for you and you can ensure that your gift arrives in its full and beautiful form. You could even arrange for the gift to be delivered when you visit your loved one in Rockingham General Hospital, then you will get to see the smile light up their face as they take in all the effort you have made to show them how much you love them and bring them some joy at a trying and emotional time.

Keep these tips in mind when ordering floral gifts to patients at Rockingham General Hospital online and you will never go wrong. As long as your gift is personal and shows effort, thought and love it will be received with gratitude.


When you have a friend, co-worker or family member that is stuck in a Fiona Stanley Hospital due to an illness or surgery, sending them a bouquet of bright flowers can make their day. Being in the hospital can be depressing, especially for someone with a serious illness and getting a delivery of bright, beautiful flowers can not only put a smile on their face, but help brighten up their hospital room.

You can also add some fun elements to your flower arrangement to help your sick friend or colleague pass the time while they are in the hospital or laying in at home trying to get better. Along with the flowers, you can choose to send a balloon or a stuffed animal to brighten their day or you may be able to send a puzzle book or a special treat for when they feel better.

Not Sure What to Send?

fiona stanley flowers

If you don’t know what type of flowers to send, you can look up flower meanings on-line before placing your order so you can send something that expresses how much you care for your friend or colleague. You may not want to send roses to someone you work with, especially if they are of the opposite sex, because the reason you are sending them could be misinterpreted.

A seasonal bouquet would be a good arrangement to order if you’re not sure what type of flowers a friend likes. If you know they may not be in the hospital for much longer, order them early in the day and you can get a same day delivery on the arrangement. When you order flowers on-line to send to Fiona Stanley Hospital, you can hand-pick the arrangement and get it sent when it is needed, even if you are from another continent.

Delivered Across Town or Fiona Stanley Hospital

A local Fiona Stanley Hospital florist will deliver your flower order to Fiona Stanley Hospital and just about any place in the area where you need it to go. You can send your grandmother flowers when she is in Fiona Stanley Hospital or your auntie or you can even send floral gifts to friends and to neighbours down the street. They will get them as fresh as if you bought them from a flower shop down the street.

get well flowers fiona stanley hospital

The flowers the above Fiona Stanley Hospital florists send are the same ones you have picked out from their selection on-line. They also deliver to neighbouring areas.

These shops also belong to affiliations that the on-line companies does and when the order is sent through these networks, they put together the arrangement and deliver it to the customer in the area. It is a simple, convenient and for you, the customer but why would you use a flower order gatherer and pay extra charges and commissions for their service. Buy directly with the local Fiona Stanley Hospital florists and save.

Flowers for All Occasions

You don’t just have to buy flowers to tell someone you love them or to send to any occasion, get well floral arrangements are great for people who are sick in Fiona Stanley Hospital and need some special cheering up. Even if they are not physically sick, but they’ve been going through a lot of stress or have been depressed, send flowers will help lift up their spirits by looking at a bright bouquet or inhaling their fresh scent. Flowers as gifts are perfect when you know the person isn’t up to doing much more than rest while recovering from their illness. And for the newly born babies, we have baby boy hampers, baby girl hampers, new baby floral gifts for the happy mothers.
Saving Money with Delivery

Even if you do have to send floral arrangements to Fiona Stanley Hospital, you don’t have to worry that you will be saddled with a large delivery charge. When you order flowers, more often there is a free delivery for on-line orders. This will help your budget and you can spend more on the flowers if you would like.

baby hamper

So, it won’t cost you any more for a flower delivery in Fiona Stanley Hospital than it will to have flowers sent across the city as it will across the country. The flowers will be appreciated and welcomed by your sick friend or family member while they recover. When they get out of the hospital, send them a healthy fruit basket or gourmet food baskets and hampers to celebrate with.

Don’t be surprised to see a bouquet delivered to you the next time you are seriously ill or stuck in the hospital after surgery as your thoughtfulness will be rewarded by the same from friends and family.

A get well flower delivery is your number one gifts to your family, friends, neighbours, co-workers, or other acquaintances in Perth Hospitals. Happiness isn’t generally the first word that comes to mind when you think of being hospitalized; however, this Perth florist web-page ensures to send happiness from you to your special recipients. Friends and family members can help their loved ones feel better by not only visiting their member, but they can send these floral arrangements and “get-well soon” messages straight to their room. Besides the care packages, this floral delivery service also offers new parent gifts for newborn babies and their families. These gifts can be Baby Gift Baskets or Baby Gift Hampers! Either option is sure to bring excitement along with the new birth!

Special Deliveries at any Hospitals in Perth

Royal Perth Hospital

Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital
and to more Hospitals in Perth

The online florist in Perth makes fast deliveries filled with smiles and love signed by YOU! This makes the friends, family members, or neighbours of those in this hospital feel secured that their loved one will receive the special arrangements in a timely fashion in their time of need. Any Perth hospital delivery can be arranged. Perth florist is sure to send floral gift packages anywhere in Australia! Regardless of the distance, they are sure to accommodate your patients. Deliveries can be made any way that is easiest for you whether it is by a simple phone call or the popular online shopping option! A customer can look online for the specific get well flower arrangement they would like to have sent, and the package can be prepared in no time!

Celebrate with a New Baby!

Cuddles for him
Babies are a huge excitement in families! This fun excitement can be celebrated by sending your regards in a Baby Gift Basket or Baby Gift Hamper. Balloons, teddy bears, flowers, and more can be arranged for the new family member’s arrival! One popular gift basket sent is the Cuddle for Him/Her hamper! These baskets come packaged with infant socks, baby lotion, baby wash, a rubber duck, a teddy bear, and more! Décor will be either pink or blue to make the baby’s package even more personalized based on their gender! Flowers for the mother in many different colours and styles can be arranged as well and sent straight to the Royal Perth Maternity Ward to send cheer to new parents.

What Are Options That Could You Send to Your Loved Ones?

There is no such thing as too many options when it comes to this Perth florist’s list of ideas for your loved one! No matter their age, gender, or personality, the special recipient is certain to love their gift! Options could range from classic roses, tempting treats, sweets, fruit arrangements, bath and body baskets, lily baskets, daisies, mums, etc. The list could go on and on and on and on! If you are feeling overwhelmed with perhaps too many things to choose from, simply call the store or look online to scroll. There are also options that are more popular than others that might be a good way to narrow down the ideas! If you knew the favourite flower, favourite sweet, favourite fruit, favourite colour, or anything about the hospital recipient, you could simply choose a gift based on that item! There are tons of ways to create a package that will all produce the same effect – a smiling and happy receiver.

No matter who you might be sending a package to, the Perth florist is sure to make your sending smooth and their delivery delightful. Whether the patient is at Royal Perth Hospital or another Australian hospital you are sure to send smiles from the Perth florist.

It is our nature to take care of the depressed by trying to lift their spirits. This can be done via a surprise, a gift, really anything that can allow them to glimpse beyond the sadness that is currently engulfing their life. Often, it is accomplished by the simple gesture of sending flowers to a person.

delivering-flowers-in-murdochVisiting hospitals brings out feelings of dread from within us. Thoughts of isolation, despair, and hopelessness tend to overtake our mind. If this is our view on just visiting a hospital, imagine what the people who actually have to stay there go through. A patient may only suffer from physical injuries when he is brought into the hospital, but just a few weeks of having to stay there can lead to severe depression.

These people do not need much. A small, cost effective gesture of sending flowers can go a long way in brightening their day.

Sending flowers to Murdoch

Sending flowers to loved ones who are in the hospital, as a show of affection, is an age old tradition. It serves to show that we care, that we are there for them. Often, we are unable to manage to make it to the hospital in person which is why we send flowers as a substitute.

However, the tradition of sending flowers to ill people in the hospital isn’t reserved only for loved ones. People have now also started sending flowers to strangers. The strangers are often individuals who have no one to care for them and no one to ask about them. Here in Western Australia, this tradition has increased over the last few years, and it is to the point now that thousands of people are taking part in this activity.

Selecting flowers

Florists carry a variety of arrangements and flowers that are capable of fitting any situation. The arrangements include box arrangements and fresh, beautiful bouquets. Generally, florists tend to have their own websites, and these list the flowers from which you can choose from.

A good idea when selecting flowers to send to a hospital is to select bright flowers. Bright flower colours, such as yellow or red flowers, tend to induce a more positive outlook in the patient. You can also purchase blue flowers, which help to promote a calm, serene environment that can also be beneficial to the patient. You should, however, try to avoid sombre colours such as black, because they tend to signify gloom and death, which may have a detrimental effect on the patient.

If the person you are sending flowers to Murdoch hospital to someone you know, it is a good idea to find out their personal preferences and tastes before embarking on a trip to your local flower shop. Personalized flowers are almost always better than a random ensemble, because they show the person you are giving them to that you are willing to go the extra mile to make them happy.

On the other hand, if the person is a stranger, it’s going to be quite difficult to uncover which flowers they prefer. This is where you must step up to the plate and make a decision on your own. We recommend going with one of the more popular varieties as they generally appeal to a wider number of individuals.

Precautions before sending flowers

Flower delivery in Murdoch HospitalThere are several other precautions which should be taken before selecting flowers for a patient.
First, ask the assigned nurse whether or not the patient you wish to send flowers to is even allowed to have flowers in their hospital room. In some cases, due to allergies or other medical reasons, patients are not allowed to have flowers, and this is something that you should definitely research beforehand.

If you can send flowers, make sure to send low allergenic flowers (sometimes also known as hypo-allergenic flowers). Often, hospital rooms are unable to provide adequate ventilation. This combined with the rooms generally being small and cramped, can aggravate mild allergies that are already present in the patient, and produce undesirable effects.

Avoid arrangements that contain food items of any sort. Most hospital patients are on a strict diet monitored by a doctor, and bringing food in from outside is not allowed.

Meanwhile, also consider the scent of a flower. Some of the flowers can have scents that patients undergoing medical treatments may be sensitive to. Hence, it is imperative that you find out whether the patient is susceptible to the smell or not, before actually sending the flowers.

St John of God Murdoch Hospital

St John of God Murdoch HospitalSt John of God Murdoch Hospital is located in Murdoch, a suburb in Western Australia. It is a faction of St. John of God Healthcare, which is a non-profit organization, bent on staying true to the healing mission of Jesus Christ.

Having been incorporated in 1994, St John of God Murdoch has now become one of Australia’s leading hospitals, providing top notch health services and taking phenomenal care of its patients. It has a 24 hour emergency room, as well as a myriad of clinical and diagnostic services including surgical, medical, paediatric, palliative, maternity, and coronary and critical care. More than 1400 caregivers are present, to ensure the safety and comfort of each of their patients.

St John of God Murdoch even possess an on-site medical clinic, which employs more than 140 consulting specialists while also providing important resources such as physiotherapy, radiology, nuclear medicine, and pathology. In addition to this, the on-site medical clinic also consists of two cafes, and more importantly, a retail pharmacy. Furthermore, it also contains a free-standing centre for surgery, which can accommodate up to 10 surgery patients at a time.

This is not just a hospital that mechanically provides treatment to its customers without letting any endearment seep through; St John of God genuinely cares about its customers and works very hard ensure that their needs as well as their wants are well taken care of.

While the hospital does provide excellent service, with upwards of 390 beds, it is sometimes difficult to provide undivided attention to each patient. This is where volunteers have stepped in to help bring a sense of community and friendship to patients struggling with various illnesses. By investing both their time and money, these volunteers have been able to significantly improve the morale of the patients they care for.

Of course, one way these volunteers have been able to make a difference, however small, is by sending patients flowers. Though it may be hard to believe, this small but meaningful gesture goes a long way in lifting the patient’s spirits.

Maternity Ward

The Maternity Ward of the St. John of God Murdoch Hospital is one of the most popular places to send flowers. Primarily, they are sent to congratulate as well as show their affection to new parents. In fact, Spearwood Florist Murdoch on-line store can send flowers to St John of God Murdoch Hospital; and more specifically, their maternity ward.

New Baby Flower ArrangementThey have special flowers and arrangements reserved for this occasion that the parent’s friends, family and co-workers can purchase to show that they are always present to provide assistance and help out, while simultaneously conveying their love and affection. Furthermore, it is very easy to purchase the arrangements as most, if not all of the activity is carried out on-line, which allows you to buy and send the flowers without any hassle at all, which can be a huge benefit to those who live far away, and are unable to travel to the actual shop to order the flowers.

Send flowers to Murdoch and St John of God Murdoch Hospital

If you are looking to send flowers to St. John of God Murdoch Hospital, whether they are for loved ones or strangers, your first step should be to look for listings of local florists located in Murdoch. One of the most prominent florists in the area is a Murdoch florist on-line store. As a long standing and reliable company, they have been insistent on tailoring their offerings to the needs of their clients. It is this dedication to 100 percent client satisfaction that has made them the leading floral company in Murdoch.

Not only does Spearwood Florist Murdoch on-line store possess flowers, fruit baskets, and gifts for children, but they also use their shop to order flowers for any patient in the hospital. Clearly, they possess arrangements for every event. They are one of a few flower shops to personally arrange and deliver cards as well as floral gifts, which is why if you want to send flowers to Murdoch and St. John of God Murdoch Hospital, Spearwood Florist Murdoch on-line store is the sure-fire option.

Murdoch florist with colorful bouquetThe people behind Spearwood Florist Murdoch on-line store understand the needs of their customers. They have floral consultants standing by ready to help you pick the perfect arrangements for every occasion. All you need to do is to let their florists know when you want to send flowers to Murdoch or order your floral gifts through their website and they will do the rest. Quite simply, if you need high quality flowers and arrangements in Murdoch, Spearwood Florist Murdoch on-line store is the way to go.

New baby flowers

Being stuck in the hospital due to an illness or surgery can be depressing for many patients, but sending a patient flowers can help lift their spirits and brighten their room. If you have a friend, family member or a co-worker in the hospital, you can send them a bouquet of bright flowers as a way of showing them how much you care about them and to wish them a speedy recovery.

Send bright flowers to help give their sterile hospital room a splash of colour and give them something pleasant to look at while they are stuck in bed. Colourful Gerber daisies or bright yellow daffodils will help bring some life to an otherwise utilitarian looking room. Along with the flowers, send your friend of family member something fun to do while they are on the mend.

You don’t just have to send flowers to the hospital either. If you have a friend recovering from an illness at home, brighten their day and let them know you care about them with an arrangement of flowers send to their house. Often time’s people will send get well flowers for those in the hospital, but hospital stays are usually brief and most recovery takes place at home.

Types of Flowers to Send

If you are not sure what type of flowers your friend or family member likes, send them flowers in their favourite colours. Flowers come in almost every colour of the rainbow, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find some flowers in colours they like. For instance, if your friend is fond of the colour purple, you can send violets in a deep purple or lilacs in a pastel shade of purple.

You can also send flowers based on the meaning of the flowers, which you can look-up online. While red roses represent love, you can send pink roses to signify friendship between you and the person who is sick. Pink tulips means ‘caring’ and you can add Yarrow to an arrangement signifying ‘good health.’

If you are still unsure what to send to a friend or co-worker who is in the hospital or recovering at home, consider sending a nice seasonal arrangement of flowers. They will get to enjoy the colours of that time of year and you can show them that you are thinking of them and wishing them a speedy recovery.

Before Sending Flowers to a Hospital

Call the hospital to double check the room number of your friend or family member because sometimes patients are moved after the initial hospital admittance, especially if they are having surgery or there to have a baby. While you are confirming the room number, ask about the hospital’s policy regarding flower deliveries.

If the person you want to send flowers to is in a burn unit or a critical care unit, they may not be allowed to receive flowers. Intensive care, burn units or other units with critically ill patients do not usually allow for flowers to be delivered, but they may allow helium balloons or stuffed animals. Also, because of allergies, try to send allergy-free flowers to the hospital in case someone is allergic to them.

Sending someone you know flowers while they are recovering is a great way to show them how much you care about them, that they’re in your thoughts and you wish for them to get well soon. That can mean a lot to someone who is stuck in bed recovering from an illness or injury, especially if they have to be there for several days. Colourful flowers will help brighten their room and bring joy to their day.

We have absolutely no idea when the first floral arrangement may have been offered from one person to another and whether it was an assortment of flowers or a single stem with its subtle petals of color at the tip. Neither do we know the occasion prompting the offering. These questions remain after considerable searching for answers.

We do know, however, that the tradition crosses cultures and geography and even gender and age. It seems everyone gives flowers to everyone else at one time or another.

We also know, due to some very impersonal and objective science, that the giving and receiving of flowers of virtually any type is a very personal and subjective action driven by a variety of motivations with the singular result being an immediate expression of true pleasure by the receiver and gratitude in the giver for having been so generously received.

There are some traditional flower types and colours loosely tied to specific occasions and these definitions of tradition date to the historic antiquity of Egypt, Rome, Greece, Mesopotamia, China, and even in the highlands of Neanderthal culture. In the latter case, we know only that flowers adorned the graves of the departed. In all other cultures, all other traditional purposes abounded, for romance, friendship, sympathy in loss, victories and for get-well wishes when ill.

This last purpose is curious because while the others have significant emotional impact with a purpose, such as red roses given in hopes of acceptance of a romantic offer, or white lilies offered in sympathy for the loss of a loved one, receiving flowers when ill in hopes of a quick and full recovery would seem to have no allegiance to the flowers to help in the healing effort. We expect medicine and rest to accomplish the healing.

However, back to the science, briefly, it is known without doubt, by objective observation, that the receipt of flowers when ill has the immediate effect of a buoyed spirit and happy countenance.

Medical experts must bow to the added benefit, after all of their professional ministrations in the attack and defeat of disease, of the improvement of well-being and self-worth brought on by the introduction of happy news to the ill patient.

It is more than the visual impact of the variety of colours, and the fresh, vibrant appearance of the petals, the life-giving accent of green, and the most immediate sign of life in a barren landscape, and even the simple vase containing the flowers.

It is also more than the delicate aroma many flowers offer that permeates the room where the patient languishes while healing.

It seems to be an added, unknown third influence felt after the visual and olfactory senses are satisfied that uplifts the mind, body and soul of the ill to receive a bouquet of flowers with well wishes for a quick recovery, as if the flowers, themselves, would command healing by their very presence.

The joy of receiving flowers when ill is measureable and priceless.

Floral gifts make wonderful presents for many occasions. Mother’s Day, wedding anniversaries, and Valentine’s Day are all holidays that are commonly associated with flower arrangements. With that said, “get well soon” gifts have a special connection tied to flowers. As a friend or family member to someone who is ill, there is usually not much you can do to make the person heal from their ailment. What you can do is lift their spirits. A floral arrangement lets those who are sick enough to need to stay in a hospital have a little window to the outside world.


Plus, there are sometimes links between an improved mood and the speed at which a body is healed. It may not be significant, but it is scientifically proven. Speaking of being scientifically proven, it was recently shown in a series of double blind studies conducted by a top university that gifts involving flowers tend to make patients happier for a longer period of time than any other gift! The studies were conducted by Jeannette Haviland-Jones and Terry McGuire, both of whom are professors at Rutgers University.

Sending Flowers to Hospitals is a Heartwarming Tradition

Many countries have traditions of sending flowers for hospitals to their ill loved ones. It is such a common part of life in these countries that it seems like it would be typical in all others! But it isn’t, and for people from those countries, seeing people in hospitals who are given flowers for their rooms is a joyful experience. Stories like this remind us of just how meaningful flowers in hospital rooms can be: Pauline W. Chen, a medical doctor and columnist for the New York Times, was raised by a mother who did not grow up in the same country Dr. Pauline Chen did. When the elder Chen needed to stay in a hospital, she took immediate notice to all of the flowers in the rooms of her fellow patients. This was in the United States of America, where sending flowers to hospitals is a long-standing and major tradition.

The elder Chen woman said to her daughter that the flowers held a deep emotional meaning for her. They had never been a part of her country’s traditional practices for hospitals when she was growing up. No matter what kind of flowers were in the patients’ rooms or how they were arranged, they meant that somebody loved the patient that they belonged to. Someone was thinking of them.

Can I Really Send Flowers to a Hospital?

In some rare instances, hospitals may not allow flowers. This usually only applies to certain units. The units where this may be the case are intensive care wards, burn recovery wards, and maternity wards. However, flowers are usually allowed in all units of all hospitals. After all, who hasn’t seen a room in a maternity ward completely overflowing with flowers shortly after the birth of a new baby? The only thing you need to do to be completely sure that a hospital allows flowers is give a quick call to the front desk. They should be able to inform you of any policies.

What Precautions Should I Take When Sending Flowers for Hospitals? 

Generally speaking, flowers pose little risk to others. If you want to be doubly sure that no one will be uncomfortable around your recipient’s flowers, consider buying hypoallergenic flowers. These include any flowers where the pollen is not out in the open. Some examples of flowers that are hypoallergenic are roses, chrysanthemums, and carnations.

How to Send Flowers to a Hospital

Get Well Soon flowers

Once you’ve established that the hospital your friend or loved one is staying at allows flowers, it should only take a moment to get the information you need. Perhaps you have already gotten their room number and other necessary information from a family member, but if you are a distant relative or far-away friend, it is sometimes quicker to call the hospital. This way, you don’t need to worry about getting in touch with family members if you’re in a different time zone from them. Hospitals are always open, with phone lines that are picked up for major and minor questions twenty four hours a day and seven days a week.

The receptionist who picks up your call may know the rules for sending flowers, including any requirements or lack thereof for allergenic flowers, and be able to tell you them right off the bat. At the very least, he or she will be able to connect you to the burn recovery unit, new parent ward, or intensive care center. They will fill you in from there. (If your friend, family member or other acquaintance is not in one of these wards, it is even more unlikely than usual that there will be restrictions on flowers at all.)

These bits of information should supply you with everything you will need to know in order to send flowers to a hospital. As we’ve seen through the stories shared and the experiences of those who have been in hospitals and received flowers, sending flower arrangements is a great idea.